Aug 26

Aleph Bet Adventures

In our first week of camp, we are paying special attention to our Ivrit שמות (shemot — names) and how special they are.


In order to be able to write our שמות (shemot — names), we have to practice writing our otiot (letters). This morning, we played aleph bet matching games with muffin tins and magnet boards to get more familiar with the aleph bet.

Michael muffin tin

A Shorashimer moves around her otiot on the magnet board.

A Shorashimer moves around her otiot on the magnet board.


We also used the sensory table to write our otiot and shemot.


A child practices her otiot on the sensory table

A child practices her otiot on the sensory table.

Because of the stormy weather, we stayed inside during morning playground time to play משחקים (mischakim –games) with our חברים (chaverim — friends). We practiced our Ivrit colors with parachute games and running to collect all the balls of the same color.



Later, Morah Talia and several children made play doh from scratch, and then used it to form the aleph bet letters of our שמות (shemot–names).


A child smiles at her play doh otiot creation


Meanwhile, other Shorashimers and Nitzanimers enjoyed “tie-dye” watercolor-ing wooden חוגים (ma’agalim — circles) to make an aleph bet installation for the Jewish Enrichment Center.

paint maagalim


Hearing children refer to one another more frequently by their Ivrit שמות (shemot — names) over the past two days, use their own shemot when they talk about themselves, and, for some, write their shemot in different media and materials has been wonderful. I’m looking forward to seeing how children’s familiarity with saying their name and writing it deepens over the next few days of camp.


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