Aug 25

A Fantastic First Day at Jewish Enrichment Camp

We had a wonderful first day at Jewish Enrichment Camp! Our combined Shorashim and Nitzanim קבוצה (kevutzah—group) is learning about עברית (Ivrit—Hebrew) שמות (shemot—names) and the special אותיות (otiot—letters) that begin our שמות (shemot—names).

We spent the day immersed in aleph bet. From aleph bet עוגיות (ugiot—cookies)


to shrinky dink שם (shem—name) bracelets


to puzzles


and magnets and more!


We especially enjoyed being back with our חברים (chaverim—friends) and מורות (morot—teachers) and saw lots of great teamwork and sharing today. It is evident that we value being a part of a קהילה (kehilah—community) and spending time together.


Nitzanimers and Shorashimers work together to clean up.

Nitzanimers and Shorashimers work together to clean up.

We’re looking forward to a great two weeks of Jewish Enrichment Camp!

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