Re-orienting: My Second Orientation

Nothing highlights my own growth as an educator in the past year at the Enrichment Center like going through our two week staff orientation a second time. And, more so, nothing makes me more excited to start the school year again!

The past two weeks our days have been full of rich learning with educators from the Enrichment Center and from different programs around the country.


Rabbi Rebecca tried to sneak photos of the rest of the educators all day.

We’ve practiced the language we use to talk about Talmud with 5 year olds–phrases like, “I wonder where you see your idea in the text, let’s read it again” and “these are some answers the early Rabbis came up with to your questions, what do you think?”–which definitely take practice!


Sharing the not-so-sneakily procured photos of each of us.

We’ve studied text together from our own eyes and imagined it from they eyes of our children.

We’ve read theoretical articles about child development and educational philosophy.

We’ve spent A LOT of time redesigning our space and thinking about the new Enrichment Center floor-plan can be even more enriching.


One educator’s very first home-made alef-bet for the Shorashim environment.

From where I sit, a year under my belt, it’s incredibly energizing to revisit the core philosophies that guide the program, to be asked to articulate what is most important, and to work through the puzzle of building a new school year together with such an energetic and enthusiastic team. I can feel how much has resonated and has become a natural part of how I think. In particular, my excitement to share this place with a new staff has shown me how deeply the philosophy of the Jewish Enrichment Center and the warmth of our community has affected me. I can’t wait for the children to arrive!

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