Aug 21

Planning for the Year

In the past few weeks, our education team has been preparing for the start of camp and getting excited for the upcoming year. With a new year ahead, there is a lot to plan and design. We have been purposefully thinking about our space and how we can set it up in the best way possible in order to be ready for our children to join us next week. We will be using Shorashim’s home as our indoor space for some of our Kevutzot (groups) during the next two weeks of camp. As a team, we recognize that the environment is key in establishing the comfort and development that our children will feel throughout the rest of this year. Starting the year with a space where they are free to express themselves is a belief that is very important to us at the Jewish Enrichment Center. Reorganizing Shorashim before camp lays the groundwork to continue fostering the values that are so important throughout the rest of the year.


Cleaning out Shorashim in preparation for camp.

Cleaning out Shorashim in preparation for camp.

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