Shorashim Enjoys Their Final Week!

Shorashim had a fantastic final week at the Jewish Enrichment Center!

Photo Jun 08, 9 55 06 AM

We may have been down to bare walls, and been without our usual space on Sunday, but we didn’t let that get us down!

Photo Jun 10, 4 50 16 PM

We played some of our favorite games from the year, such as hopscotch!

Photo Jun 08, 9 46 46 AM

We made meals for our old צבעים (tzevaim – colors) friends in the מטבח (mitbach – kitchen)!

Photo Jun 08, 10 22 27 AM

We also worked with linking אותיות (otiyot – letters)!

Photo Jun 08, 9 49 06 AM

Who knew that having worked with these materials all year, we would discover something new!  Some Shorashimers figured out how to make aleph-bet crowns…

Photo Jun 10, 2 21 48 PM


…and aleph-bet skirts!

Photo Jun 10, 2 26 28 PM


We made structures with our aleph-bet blocks.

Photo Jun 08, 9 55 06 AM Photo Jun 10, 2 07 06 PM


And made אותיות (otiyot – letters) with little colored sticks!


Photo Jun 10, 4 32 09 PM

We also baked aleph-bet cookies with share with everyone!

Photo Jun 09, 2 45 37 PM


We went on a צבע (tzeva – color) hunt all around the building to figure out which צבע (tzeva – color) we could find the most of.  We are excited to share that it was אדום (adom – red)!

Photo Jun 10, 3 21 07 PM

It was a fantastic year in Shorashim!  We learned so much and had a ton of fun!  Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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