Anafim Roundup

There were too many great pictures this past week in Anafim to just choose one theme or narrative! I’ve decided to share snippets of what we are up to. A big part of Anafim has been using the vocabulary we have acquired over the year in full, crazy sentences. We have a whole gallery of Crazy Ivrit (Hebrew)! The children can make a sentence using the magnet board of Hebrew words as seen here, and then transcribe their sentences with a picture to the Ivrit Gallery. Notice the different handwriting, that’s right, Anafim is transitioning to Hebrew script! What a fun added challenge!20140606-101833.jpg




The Anafimers might have told you that we have a new mischak in Mischakim! As our Hebrew knowledge blossoms in other arenas, we are now able to use the mischakim time to build teamwork and get some energy out. Our favorite mischak of the moment is elbow tag, Anafimers link arms with each other to be safe. This mischak requires us to be on our notice and help our friends out. Also, it is a whole lot of fun!20140606-101920.jpg




Finally, we have spent this week finalizing how we will install and share our ideas for Hashavat Aveidah with the communities that share our space. We had a great time brainstorming and putting the final touches on our contributions. We hope you join us in taking responsibility for returning lost objects!20140606-101906.jpg










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