Shorashim Takes On Some Challenges

This week Shorashim talked a bit about Shavuot and took on some exciting challenges!

Photo Jun 02, 2 44 33 PM

We focused our Shavuot explorations about the harvest aspect: we were inspired by pictures we had of various fruit and flowers that grow in spring and drew our own interpretations of them, as well as pictures of some other plants we thought of.

Photo Jun 01, 10 59 00 AM


Of course that wasn’t enough for some of our Shorashimers!  Our Monday חברים (chaverim – friends) took on the task of naming as many different fruits and vegetables that we could think of: we came up with over 50!

Photo Jun 02, 2 44 36 PM


Our challenges didn’t stop there: Shorashim took a new material to a level that even the Morah hadn’t thought of!  Shorashim has been working on a challenge on our white board that involved “losing” an אות (oat – letter) from the aleph-bet, and then Shorashimers had to “find” it and put it back where it belonged.  This week we took it to the next level by challenging their writing abilities: instead of simply finding the אות (oat – letter)  magnet, they had to write the אות (oat – letter)  themselves!

Photo Jun 01, 9 20 40 AM


The Shorashimers were so excited about this that we started having a few אותות (otiyot – letters) missing at a time to allow a couple חברים (chaverim – friends) to play at once.

Photo Jun 01, 9 34 44 AM


One חבר (chaver – friend) noted that they should write all the אותות (otiyot – letters).  A few חברים (chaverim – friends) laughed and said that would be too tough, but after some thought, they were excited by the challenge and by the end of the day on Sunday…

Photo Jun 01, 9 44 10 AM


…and a lot of help from different חברים (chaverim – friends)…

Photo Jun 01, 10 38 19 AM

Photo Jun 01, 10 29 13 AM


…the board was completed!  Shorashim wrote their own aleph-bet chart!

Photo Jun 01, 11 40 20 AM

Way to go Shorashim!

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