Nitzanim Thinks Like the Rabbis

This week, over kibud, we read the Mishna from Bava Metzia 2:2, which talks about what kinds of things you must “proclaim” if you find them.

Girl 1 and Boy 1 talking about the Mishnah

Girl 1 and Boy 1 talking about the Mishnah


This is what our children had to say on what you’d need to return:


Girl 1:  It depends on what it is.  If it’s a penny, that’s not much money.  You can keep it or give it to Tzedakah.  It depends.

Boy 1: But what if a poor person dropped it?  And they begged all day for a penny and that’s all they got?  Then they’d be sad.

Girl 1: But if you put it in Tzedakah, then wouldn’t a poor person get it for food or cothes?

Boy 1: Oh yeah.  If it goes to Tzedakah, then it’s okay.

Boy 2: I disagree, because I think you should put it in a box for lost money.

Boy 1: I don’t think you would know whose money it was, so that’s why you should put it in Tzedakah.

Girl 1:  You should put it in Tzedakah because it’s hard to tell pennies apart.


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