Nitzanim Writes a Play!

This week in Nitzanim, we’ve been working on writing stories or plays on the theme of Hashavat Avedah.  In any of these stories or plays, someone looses an object and someone else finds it and returns it.  The stories are all different, some are about real events, and some come from the children’s imaginations.



Here is the text of one child’s play script:

“Once there was a rich man.  He had a big box of treasure abs whatever he found, he used as money.  But he lost all his precious jewels and money the day after he bought the bunny.  Then the guy who sold him the bunny found the jewels and money.  Then the guy who found the money went to a jet fighter to give out advertisements.   Then the man was poor.  The bunny got him a few pennies a day.  Many years passed.  He turned 18.  The jet fighter man had a hard flight.  Once they were waiting so on they started firing out advertisements.  Then the 18 year old man felt an advertisement on his head.  He found out where his money is.  He drove to the airport and got his money back and took a bad flight home and celebrated with his whole family, even his baby sister.  The end.”


And here is his play!

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