Ha Safair Sheli הספר שלי (My Book)

As the Jewish Enrichment Center comes to its last month of 5774, in Yetzirah all of the children are reflecting and showing off what they’ve learned! They have started making some what of a memory book that they are calling הספר שלי (Ha Sefair Sheli, My Book). In this book we will revisit each theme (from Rivkah, to Beit Knesset, Pesach and Hashevat Aveidah) by  creating a few pages filled with imagery reminiscent of their past Yetzirah projects, writings and photos (of course!).


Oil pastel scenes of Genesis 25. Ya’akov cooking lentil stew over a fire, that it eventually given to Esav in exchange for his birthright.


Lots of shading, smudging and…


TOTALLY messy hands, arms and faces!



IMG_7949 IMG_7948 IMG_7947Photo May 12, 3 00 25 PM


Photo May 05, 3 56 46 PM

Revisiting Rivkah with Shorashim by painting gamalem bamidbar (camels in the desert)


Beautiful colors were mixed to make a desert backdrop (with a special tool)


Bubble wrap painting!



Photo May 12, 3 53 35 PM

Looking at photos of themselves exploring the Beit Knesset they created a “stained glass” torah for their sayfar

Photo May 12, 3 53 44 PM Photo May 13, 3 53 28 PM



Photo May 12, 4 38 10 PM

After answering a prompt (“How do you feel in a Beit Knesset?”) Anafim watercolored a whole page for their sayfar

Photo May 12, 4 35 16 PM

“How do you feel in a Beit Knesset?” … “I feel free”… “I feel small because the rooms are so big”…

Photo May 12, 2 34 55 PM

Nitzanim also made mini puppets that can slide in and out of their page to be played with later!


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