Shorashim Showcases Important Items

Shorashim dove further into Hashevat Aveidah this week by making posters for items that are special to them.

Photo May 06, 4 12 06 PM


At a very young age, it is difficult for children to understand the perspective of others.  Part of Hashevat Aveidah is returning lost items to others.  We wanted to make sure that Shorashimers were able to understand the importance of returning an item they find. We asked Shorashimers to make a poster about an important item that they would miss if it were lost, and want others to return to them.  Additionally, by creating posters to hang around the room, they may be able to recognize that others have similarly important items.  Some items might seem inconsequential to others, but mean everything to its owner.

Photo May 06, 5 09 11 PM


Take, for example, the stuffed animal of one particular Shorashimer.  It may seem like an old stuffed octopus to someone who doesn’t know him, but to the Shorashimer, the stuffed animal means everything.  This was reflected in his picture of the stuffed animal, and his wording specifying that no matter where in the world the stuffed animal was found, if he was lost, make sure to fly him home to his owner.

Photo May 06, 4 01 32 PM

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