Yoga Chayot, Teva, Pesach and Shavuot!

Every Wednesday after Shirah/Tfillah the children and I do yoga together. It started out as a movement break while only speaking Hebrew. But as time went on, they learned more and more Hebrew and needed more of a challenge.
So we did Yoga Teva taking them through the cycle of a grown plant or tree. From rain, to seed, to sapling, and trees!

Photo Apr 23, 5 27 10 PM

Still they needed more of a challenge! So we did partner yoga – which was a huge hit!


It was time for something new yet again and so during Pesach we gathered into small groups for Yoga Pesach. A snippet of the Passover story was handed to each group and they were challenged to create a yoga pose to “act out” that particular part of the story. It was awesome!20140507-112016.jpg


And, finally, now that we’re counting the Omer and looking forward to Shavuot we have been doing Yoga Shavuot. This time the children and Morot are creating poses together that show the four different names (and parts we celebrate) of Shavuot: Chag Shavuot (Festival of Weeks), Yom Habikurim (Day of the First Fruits), Chag HaKatzir (The Harvest Festival), Zeman Mattan Torateinu (The Time of the Giving of our Torah).



Harvesting the field and “rolling it up in a bundle”


Preparing their yoga pose…


Being kernels of wheat


Morah Hinda is an etz (tree)…


… and the children are picking her ripe fruit!


Morah Esther is Moshe who is holding a little-girl-sized torah (with etzem arms, of course)


These yogis are wheat that has been harvested and “laying on the field…waiting to be used for food”

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