Nitzanim Shows Their Skills

We are so proud of our Nitzanimers this year who have acomplished so many things in their עברית (Ivrit – Hebrew) challenges.  Everyone’s been working hard to challenge themselves and learn more than they knew at the beginning of the year.  Including the boy in the video before.

With very little help from the morah, he sings the Aleph-Bet with extreme confidence!  At the beginning of the year, he would refuse to do any Ivrit challenge in front of the group.  Now he’ll do everything!  He is one of our many Nitzanimers that is taking risks with their עברית, and the amount they have learned is tremendous!fRTE-gji1s7uVeb_2N4agGtOIjaLgTA2vyCOnSjFu4k



That same Nitzanimer, three months ago, helping to invent a new Hebrew challenge!

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