Shorashim Begins to Explore Hashavat Aveidah

This week Shorashim began to explore the concept of Hashavat Aveidah: finding/returning lost items.

Photo Apr 27, 10 27 43 AM


We told a a story about a girl who lost a favorite toy, and asked Shorashimers how they thought she felt; most said “sad,” some even said, “surprised.”

Photo Apr 27, 9 18 33 AM


Some Shorashimers recalled times they’d lost items: here one Shorashimer drew a picture of a toy train he lost.

Photo Apr 28, 4 43 29 PM (1)


We touched upon the concept of returning items through a matching game, where Shorashimers had to return the lost items to their rightful owners.

Photo Apr 29, 2 04 40 PM


Some Shorashimers played the act of “brave knights and princesses,” helping the woeful, maiden Morah find some items she had “lost” around the room, such as this jar of pinecones.

Photo Apr 28, 3 07 21 PM


We even tied it into our Hebrew work, helping friends find letters they had “lost” from their names, and helping put back together the aleph bet.

Photo Apr 29, 2 20 07 PM


We look forward to more Hashavat Aveidah explorations next week!

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