How to Return a Lost Item, According to Nitzanim

Nitzanim were introduced to the biblical verses instructing one to return lost animals, or garments, or anything else that one finds.

The children were invited to write stories illustrating scenarios where that might happen.

One child, a kindergartener, rather than writing a story wrote an instruction manual.

Here is his interpretation of what to do when you find various items, reflecting our discussion of whether there are some things that are better left where they are:

Photo Apr 30, 4 52 46 PM

[For paper, if you find paper leave it behind and ignore it]

Photo Apr 30, 4 52 50 PM

[For animals, if you find a goat, you take it home]

Photo Apr 30, 4 52 58 PM (1)

[For food, you take it and ask]

Photo Apr 30, 4 53 02 PM

[For clothes, you take it home and care for it]

Photo Apr 30, 4 53 13 PM

[Questions: If you find an animal that is dangerous, ignore it]

Photo Apr 30, 4 53 16 PM

[If you do not know your neighbor, it too, take it home]

Next week, we’ll integrate the early Rabbi’s opinions on these questions and see if they influence this instruction manual!


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