Nitzanim Celebrates Together

To mark the last two days of Pesach as chag (a special holiday day), Nitzanim did a few things differently.  We put away our markers and our normal favorite Yetzirah supplies. Instead, we worked together to mark those days as uniquely special. Since it was chag, we don’t have any pictures of the days themselves, but our activities were so fun, we decided to continue them after chag was over!



The most exciting was that we made “goo” bags, so that we could write our shemot (Hebrew names) and the aleph-bet in a non-permanent way. We would trace the otiot (letters) in the “goo” with one אצבע (etsba-finger), and then use our “eraser ידיים yadaim-hands” to make it go away!



We also worked together on fun puzzles!



We brought Spring to our room, using just tissue paper and sticks.



We still did one of our favorite things, reading stories together.

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