Anafim Celebrates Pesach


As we were lucky to have Jewish Enrichment on the end of the holiday of Pesach, Anafim had a chance to celebrate together! Beit Anafim was infused with joy as we took extra time getting to know stories of Elijah the prophet, a character in Jewish Folklore who has a big role in the Seder. We found that there stories about Elijah for all over the world! Elijah is a figure of kindness who “encourages you to be kind” in the words of one Anafimer. We had a blast acting out different stories and bringing the magic of the Elijah folk tales to life!

We also did our part to contribute to the Omer calendar. We took on the Pesach scenes, each child choose unique scenes to depict and used the novel materials in creative and beautiful ways. Check out the photos!



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