Learning to Disagree

This week, Nitzanim struggled with a big realization: not EVERYONE at the כיבוד שולחן [kidbbud shulchan; snack table] has the same opinion as me!

To help respect all our ideas, we practiced saying the phrase, “I disagree with __” during our debates.

The phrase came up while we wondered about why Pharoh was afraid of the Israelites and made them slaves. One child started a thought, “Well, I don’t think that [BOY] idea was a very good idea because…”

He was so excited about his idea, it took a couple of tries to encourage him so slow down and consider whether his words were kind and how they made his friend feel.

Eventually, he reframed his idea: “I disagree because they wouldn’t want their king to be dead because um, if their king was dead, they might get a different king that were even worse than him.”

Photo Apr 07, 2 34 58 PM

This moved our debate forward and more and more children practiced saying “I disagree”:

Another boy said: I disagree with [BOY] like him but I have something different…well and then then kinda like that when you go, that happens to everyone’s feelings. So I think he felt a little bit nervous and sad, so I think that’s why, and then he got a little bit grumpy, so that’s why he made them slaves.

Another girl offered: I disagree with [them both] because what if they had a war and they killed the, what’s his name? Pharaoh and then all the Egyptians could kill the Jews?

Photo Apr 09, 4 26 44 PM

By the end, our first disagreer integrated his new phrase into his idea: “I sorta disagree with [him] because what I heard from what he was saying is that Pharaoh was grumpy and that’s why he [made them slaves]. But my experience with grumpy is that only an hour you can be grumpy and that’s way less than a day.”


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