Anafim Explores Mishnah*

*The Mishnah is an early rabbinic text, codified about 220 C.E.

As mentioned last week, Anafim embarked on a crazy journey, learning what the early rabbis had to say about the ritual of Afikoman and becoming Afikomen experts. To recap: The Anafimers knew that the early rabbis said “don’t have an Afikomen”, meaning the Greek word for Afikomen! It was up to the Anafimers to interpret what the rabbis meant. So they did, in pairs, and then as a group, Anafimers shared their understanding of the early rabbis. In doing so it became clear what mattered to the Anafimers: they value sharing rituals with friends but they also value giving their friends space and respecting the values of their friends. That intense and thoughtful study of the rabbis jump-started our week. The Anafimers were primed – they had amazing ideas about the Mishnah. They shared them with their parents. Then the magic happened. Children and parents continued studying the Mishnah together, and the conversations that took place were beautiful – each reflecting the values and style of the individual families. We can’t wait to hear how the conversations go at your seders.20140410-183342.jpg20140410-183355.jpg20140410-183924.jpg20140410-183944.jpg20140410-183954.jpg20140410-184002.jpg





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