All Those Projects

Hey parents! Here is a guide to that pile of masterpieces you took home this week from your budding artists.

All children brought home a matzah cover dyed and stamped with natural dye. This means food and spices were used to color these beauties! (You might even still smell the tumeric or coffee on them!) The stamps -which are images representing what we might see on a Seder plate- were drawn by Anafim children. Your child’s matzah cover also might say מצה (matzah) or פסח (Pesach).



Anafim children brought home a Mudejar Stucco clay sculpture inspired by a 14th century Spanish Beit Knesset.


Anafim children also brought home a 3D constructed Beit Knesset and detailed floor plan from their imagination.

IMG_7242And lastly, Anafimers also took home an Afikomen bag! It’s the prettiest way to hide your matzah!



IMG_7230IMG_7202Nitzanim children will come home with one of two choices for their Beit Knesset final project. They chose an object important to them to materialize in yetzirah via stained glass or model magic.


20140410-080230.jpgAnd lastly, Nitzanimers will bring home a Mah Nishtanah (The Four Questions) banner. They’ve practiced their signing all day- even while making this banner! You’ll hear their song on cue at your Seder table!



IMG_7180As their Beit Knesset final project, Shorashimers brought home stained glass. They explored the sanctuary here at Rodfei Zedek which has its own wall of stained glass. Each shorashimer chose an object they found inside that stained glass to sketch and then recreate in their own project.

IMG_7216Finally, Shorashim children also brought a glass modge-podged seder plate. This project was still drying when we passed it on to you… so please take pictures and send them in to us!






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