Pesach for the Toddler Set

This week in Shalom Chaverim was all about including young children at the Seder table. We spent lots of time creating objects for children to interact with authentically as they learn the story of Pesach. We focused throughout the morning on sensory experiences for children relating to Pesach– things for children to touch and feel and taste and hear. We started out by making placemats.



As children painted and drew on their placemats, they explored the items on the Seder plate and talked to parents about what their Seder will look like.

Then we made our own Red Sea!





As we counted out fish, squeezed gel and food coloring into our bags, and mixed the color in, we built fine motor strength in our fingers and hands and built numeracy skills. The sensory experience of moving and squishing the gel through the bag was a big hit– and we can use them to part the Red Sea on Pesach!

Finally we made Elijah cups for our Seder tables.



They turned out every bit as unique and wonderful as the artists who created them! What are your favorite ways to include young children in the Passover Experience?

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