Shorashim Explores Pesach

Shorashim dove right into פסח (Pesach – Passover) with many new explorations!  We read about how Moshe lead the Israelites out of Egypt, along with many other books about פסח (Pesach – Passover) things such as the seder!

Photo Apr 01, 4 58 32 PM

We even acted out the story!  Here is Moshe asking Pharoah to let his people go!  As you can tell by Pharoah’s mean expression, he said no!

Photo Apr 01, 5 13 39 PM


Here the Egyptian guards are valiantly trying to protect themselves and Pharoah from the plagues, but to little avail (note the horde of frogs on the ground).

Photo Apr 01, 5 17 15 PM


Ten plagues later, Moshe was able to lead the Israelites to freedom!

Photo Apr 01, 5 11 11 PM


We’re not only focusing on the story, but also on many of the different items we use at the seder to help us tell the story, such as a seder plate!  We matched objects with their names on a felt seder plate.

Photo Apr 01, 2 39 43 PM


We even got to make our own in Yetzirah!  First we colored in pictures of the different objects that belong on the seder plate so we’d know just where the put them.

Photo Mar 31, 3 59 54 PM


Then, we put them upside down on the back of a glass plate (so you can see them through the glass) and stuck them down with modge podge, a liquid-glue substance that dries clear. We have one more step next week!

Photo Mar 31, 4 05 42 PM



We also had lots of seder making in the מטבח (mitbach – kitchen)!  Besides the items on the seder plate, we made sure we had matzah and LOTS of grape juice.  Don’t worry, we were pretending the rolls on the table were other kinds of food, we made sure to take the חמץ (chametz – leavened bread) out of the מטבח (mitbach – kitchen) (note the pile of bread on the red bench in the background).

Photo Mar 31, 2 54 16 PM

We can’t wait to explore פסח (Pesach – Passover) more next week!

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