Pesach is in the air in Anafim!


For this Pesach, Anafim is determined to become Afikomen experts! Some Anafimers carry a family tradition of hiding and searching for the Afikomen (the broken piece of middle matzah) and were thus fascinated to find out that the word Afikomen is actually from a Greek word! Looking at the word epi komion, which denotes something that happens after a Greek dinner party, the Anafimers delved into the Mishna, the text of the early rabbis. The Anafimers embarked on the rabbinic process of figuring out what the afikomen could possibly refer to. Acting as the early rabbis, working in partners, the children pondered what the early rabbis meant in the Mishna. What were they referring to when they used the word Afikomen? Our Anafimers sound quite rabbinic, as their conversations twist and turn. They have demonstrated unbelievable reasoning and have debated vigorously their differing opinions. I know they can’t wait to bring their excitement and all Afikomen related knowledge to their seders.


While the excitement for the week centered on the Pesach related activities, the children had a great deal of fun participating in the usual weekly activities. Through games, books, and artistic expression, the children worked on building relationships with each other, the Hebrew language, and Jewish ideas. A smattering of photos awaits below!






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