Nitzanim is a Team!

These next two weeks in Nitzanim, we’re spending time learning how to sing מה נשתנה‎ (Mah Nishtanah – the Four Questions), but we’re also spending time learning about symbols on the seder plate, since many are mentioned in the questions asked in מה נשתנה‎!  We put a few puzzles with seder plate objects in the room to see if they would take off.

First, a few children worked together to make a 24-piece puzzle, and finished it easily.  So they decided to try the harder puzzle.  This one had 140 pieces!  They children were worried they couldn’t do it, but decided to try anyway.


Photo Mar 31, 2 53 15 PM


They divided into teams and started putting together different sections of the plate.

 Photo Mar 31, 4 22 38 PM


After two whole days of working together, they finished the puzzle!


 Photo Apr 01, 3 06 18 PM


To quote one boy, “Yeah, yeah, you did it!  You got them together!”


Photo Apr 01, 3 06 11 PM

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