Shorashim Celebrates Purim!

This week Shorashim celebrated Purim!  We dressed up in costumes, from policemen…

Photo Mar 18, 5 18 14 PM


…to the the wicked Haman, complete with a classroom-made “triangle” shaped hat!

Photo Mar 18, 3 54 46 PM


We read the “megillah” with our puppets and groggers, making lots of רעש (ra’ash – noise) each time we heard Haman’s name.

Photo Mar 18, 5 17 05 PM


We even baked hamantaschen!  We got to roll out the dough…

Photo Mar 18, 2 24 40 PM


…cut out circles…

Photo Mar 18, 2 24 34 PM


…dot on the jam…

Photo Mar 17, 2 41 51 PM


…and pinch three sides to form the trademark triangular shape…

Photo Mar 17, 2 42 11 PM


…just like Haman’s hat!

Photo Mar 17, 3 10 26 PM


We baked them in the oven, and they came out looking delicious!

Photo Mar 18, 4 16 35 PM


They tasted delicious too!

Photo Mar 18, 4 33 29 PM


Many Jews celebrate Purim by providing gifts of food to friends, which is just what we did by making mishloach manot for our Jewish Enrichment and Shorashim friends.  We made trail mix…

Photo Mar 17, 5 19 57 PM


…and decorated bags to give to our friends.

Photo Mar 18, 4 54 47 PM


Purim was a ton of fun!  We look forward to celebrating more holidays in Shorashim!


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