Translating Big Ideas

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Making Mishloach Manot (gifts of food for friends) at the Jewish Enrichment Center Celebration!

After the incredible excitement of Purim (our Anafimers who read Megilla did a fabulous job!), Anafim needed to get right back in the game. We had a special celebration on Monday and then, in a mad dash, we finished up our Beit Knesset projects throughout the week. Ill wait to unveil photos and other media describing said projects but I wanted to give just a taste of what children were thinking about as they worked. As mentioned last week, The children used color theory, ascribing specific colors to specific emotions, to show how they feel in different spaces in a Beit Knesset. Here are some of the childrens thoughts on this topic from throughout the year:

“It [Being in prayer services] felt kind of funny, kind of different. It felt exciting to hear and learn Hebrew”

 “[I felt] Very still and solemn as I listened to the hum of prayer vibrating through the room. Something inside me was echoing I felt very still. “

“[In a Beit Knesset] I don’t feel like a kid anymore.  [I feel] Like a full grown man praying . I felt good. It was fun.“

“[In a Beit Knesset] I felt grown up, mature. Saying prayers I didn’t know felt like I had been here longer. Mature. I’m not trying to be mean, it is something we can do that Nitzanim can’t do.”

“At my old, old temple we did the Shema everyday, no one closed their eyes because they thought it was funny and here when everyone closed their eyes it was serious and it felt relaxing.We say Shema and Shira/ Tefillah as a community and it feels like more power.  I feel kinda relaxed [when I hear the Shema].”

“When I hear the Shema, I feel peaceful and comfortable. Seeing other people around me and they’re like me and it makes me feel very relaxed and peaceful. When other people are doing the same thing as me and it feels like we’re all together.”

“But you might be scared to be in a really big room [like a sanctuary].”

“If I’m the only one in a huge room, I might be scared, too!”

“I feel like I would want to drive home and get a stuffed animal and come back.”

 “One time it was just me and another Anafimer in the sanctuary. When you’re alone just with older people it might be scared and weird. So much older people I didn’t know. So tall.”

“It might be weird [to be the only kid in a sanctuary with grown-ups]. Like, small. Like you were, like, small.”


Aren’t you excited to see these feeling translating onto a Beit Knesset?! The specialness, the awe, the serenity!


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