Nitzanim Adds Color to their Clay Creations

This week Nitzanim finished their final Beit Knesset project. And for those who chose to sculpt an object out of model magic, it was time to add color!
It was exciting to see their process! I was expecting realistic depictions of ancient Torahs and silver yads (pointer for reading Torah).


Instead, color was splashing everywhere!IMG_6695

“If I could imagine any Torah in the world, it would be colorful!” “Yea, I agree!” two Nitzanimers said as their painted their Torahs every color of the rainbow!


“My Torah is so special! It’s robe has sparkly jewels and is covered in money and gelt.” another Nitzanimer said swirling the paint.


“I’m using a yellowish color because that’s that closest I could get to gold. My yad is all gold.”


They loved their finish projects so much that some Nitzanimers said they would like to use their yad (pointer), their Torah, their rimonim (Torah crowns) in services one day!

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