Shorashim Makes Some Noise for Purim!

This week Shorashim continued our Purim explorations with more reading of the “megillah,” singing songs with our puppets…

Photo Mar 11, 3 22 45 PM


…castle building…

Photo Mar 11, 5 18 43 PM


…and sharing “hamantaschen” with our friends.

Photo Mar 11, 2 03 21 PM


We also did some new Purim explorations!  We made מסכות (masechot – masks) …

Photo Mar 09, 10 57 07 AM


…and of course some groggers!  We decorated plates, filled them with beans, stapled them shut, and made some great רעש (ra’ash – noise)!

Photo Mar 09, 10 37 11 AM


We practiced making רעש (ra’ash – noise) each time we heard Haman’s name by playing a game with the characters’ names.  We also experimented with how much רעש (ra’ash – noise) we could make by taking our groggers to different rooms in the Beit Knesset such as the sanctuary…

Photo Mar 11, 3 31 52 PM



Photo Mar 11, 3 36 36 PM


…social hall…

Photo Mar 11, 4 51 04 PM


…and of course, Beit Shorashim!  We had so much fun makingרעש (ra’ash – noise)!  Now that we’ve learned so many different ways people celebrate Purim, we’re ready for the real Purim celebration next week in our costumes!

Photo Mar 11, 5 17 45 PM


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