Progress on final projects


Our final project is moving forward. We started by imagining a beit knesset space that reflected the Anafimers’ ideas about how they felt inside a beit knesset. To visually represent those feelings we painted the walls of our beit knesset with colors depicting our feelings, mixing colors and shading to show intensity of emotion, as well as as complex feelings.



We are in the process of assembling the walls of our beit knesset to create a 3-D structure.


We are also working on final drafts of our floor plans.



With all this work underway in Yetzirah, it is also so exciting that we get to take part in our regular Jewish Enrichment routine!

We start our day with a message in Ivrit!


We spend time in mischakim, exploring problem solving and teamwork through laughter and fun!


We take time to review the Aleph- Bet and speak rak b’ivrit (only in Hebrew).20140313-133757.jpg

We have peer-led kibbud (snack), and our friends lead the brachot (blessings) as we participate!20140313-133810.jpg

We wind down, playing Ivrit (Hebrew) games and enjoying the company of friends!20140313-133822.jpg



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