Pen Pals’ Big Reveal!

It’s been a BIG week in Nitzanim. We haven’t stopped celebrating Purim, we’re working on our big Yetzirah projects and, at last, we’re meeting our Pen Pals!

Our יום ראשון [Yom Rishon, Sunday] and יום רביעי [Yom Revi’i, Wednesday] children had special, surprise visitors come. (Each day has their own Pen Pal.)

Our first visitor was Rabbi Larry. We had a pretty awesome conversation with him where the children got to ask some burning questions about Judaism, to a Rabbi. A big question, which we’ve discussed a lot this year, was: Who made the Torah?

Photo Mar 09, 9 59 31 AM

Rabbi Larry explained that he thought, “though I may be wrong,” that God and the Jewish people made it together.

One girl asked, “Is that what makes it so special?”

Nitzanim agreed that might be it.

Another boy wondered, “How can God make the Torah because he’s just invisible, he’s the one in our spirits.” After some thought he added, “I think God made the Torah by helping the Jewish people use their spirits.”

We also thought about the possibility that God didn’t make the Torah, or that there is no God. (We didn’t come to any conclusion though.)


Photo Mar 12, 3 54 03 PM

Our second pen pal taught us all about torah trope (how the Torah is chanted, which is indicated by small symbols above or below each word.) We looked at the book she uses to practice and then opened up the Torah in the Chapel to hear a snippet of what she’s reading this week. We learned a LOT, and always love visiting the Torah.

Photo Mar 12, 3 40 53 PM

One boy reflected as she left, “We see her every day but we didn’t know thats who she was!”

We meet the rest of our pen pals next week!

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