Shorashim’s Stained Glass Yetzirah Project

This week in yetzirah Shorashim (and the other groups) started their final projects. It’s been a long journey of exploring, note taking, sketching, planning and finally we’re doing it! Let me walk you through some of the steps it took to get here:

Shorashim children (Nursery 3 and Pre-K) explored the sanctuary here at 5200 S Hyde Park Blvd.IMG_7504


They saw and learned about several of the objects that are housed in the sanctuary.Photo Feb 19, 4 33 00 PM


But particular interest was shown in the HUGE stained glass wall of windows!IMG_7509 IMG_7508

So, honoring their interests, we based their final projects off the medium of stained glass!Photo Feb 24, 4 44 33 PM IMG_7503

We revisited the stained glass wall in the sanctuary and asked them to draw it. We found that the Shorashimers focused on one thing they saw inside the stained glass each. For example, one drew a menorah with words; another child drew grapes; and another drew a crown. We had them use color and black marker (because we knew that would come in handy for the stained glass steps).Photo Feb 25, 2 37 35 PMIMG_6449Photo Feb 24, 4 43 49 PMIMG_6453


AND FINALLY, THIS WEEK we placed their drawings under contact paper (sticky side up) and explored the shapes, images and objects with colored glass gems!Photo Mar 03, 4 11 37 PMIMG_6591 IMG_6586IMG_6611 IMG_6612

We still have a few steps to go of course but I’m so excited out beautiful these are! Even in the beginning stages.

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