Shorashim Plans for Making Stained Glass

In Shorashim, we’ve gotten some exciting new stained glass explorations underway in Yetzirah!



Our Sunday friends are getting the chance to work together on a few stained glass projects.  We sat as a group and brainstormed ideas to put on our stained glass.  We used our Beit Knesset knowledge and pictures of the stained glass from the sanctuary and other stained glass examples to help us come up with ideas, from flowers to menorahs.

Photo Feb 23, 10 26 23 AM


Once we compiled a list, each friend chose their favorite idea and drew a sketch of it to help guide Morah Naomi as she prepares materials for us for next week.

Photo Feb 23, 10 29 21 AM


Last week, some of our weekday Shorashimers went down to the sanctuary and drew pictures of their favorite item in the stained glass.  IMG_7504

They all had their own special interests, and this week used a printed picture of the stained glass and tracing paper to trace their images.  Photo Feb 25, 2 37 35 PM

Then they took their trace to Yetzriah and drew over the picture as a final idea for their stained glass.  We have focuses ranging from grapes (a food one Shorashimer really likes) to a כתר (keter – crown) (which one Shorashimer remembered as not only something a king or queen wears, but a Torah wears)!  One friend even chose to include words on the window that he felt were important.



They will use these pictures and ideas to guide them in the next step.  You’ll have to wait until next week to find out how our stained glass projects proceed!

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