Sharing and Creating for Purim

Nitzanim started reading and exploring the Purim story this week, preparing for our Purim celebration coming up in a few more weeks. Some of us knew the story well and could almost tell it without help, and some of us were just hearing it for the first time!

Photo Feb 26, 4 27 22 PM

The cast with silly faces.

Photo Feb 26, 4 27 40 PM

The cast with serious faces.


We had 6 children in the room, but some characters were more popular than others; we had A LOT of sharing to do.

Fortunately, our children have some great ideas about sharing: We had TWO Melech Achashveroshes, who each got a crown, but shared a cape.

Photo Feb 26, 4 39 26 PM

Mordechai asked Melech Achashverosh, “Excuse, you have two necklaces. Can I have one?”

We had two girls playing Ester haMalkah. They negotiated so one girl wore the שחור [shahor; black] TOP and צהוב [tzahov; yellow] BOTTOM, and vis versa.

By the end of the play, one of our מלכות [malkot; queens] decided instead to play Haman’s wife. She also decided that Haman’s wife accompanied Haman to the place when he spoke with the king and attended Esther’s banquet–an excellent addition.

By the end, everyone found their role and their costume, we used kind words and acted out the WHOLE story (with a little help from a Morah-narrator and a Morah-Haman)! Check out some moments from the play:



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