Ivrit Progress in Anafim


Sometimes as we engage in explorations it is hard to see the progress we make. That’s why, when we do make measurable progress, it is that much more exciting! This week, the Anafimers were able to see themselves how much they have accomplished in Ivrit. Let’s see how they got to the point where they could look at a new Ivrit packet and remark, “This is easy!”

Anafim has spent the last few weeks going through new Ivrit packets that contain new vocabulary. The children have built their skills reading new vocabulary and comprehending the meaning of their new packets. It was clear that at the start of this week they were ready to read and memorize a hebrew puppet show!

They started the day practicing a Hebrew skit that used vocabulary from the previous work. Using the puppets they had made they practiced with a partner.

Photo Feb 23, 9 12 56 AM


Photo Feb 23, 9 26 24 AM


After practicing with their puppets the Anafimers were ready to be recorded, check out their work!





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