What is in Our Beit Knesset?

As Nitzanim make our way through the בית כנסת (beit keneset; synagogue) and fill in our research maps, we’re starting to notice the different kinds of objects found in each room.

Photo Feb 10, 3 01 56 PM

We’ve also been getting to know the objects in the בית תפילה  (beit tefilah; house of prayer, i.e. sactuary and chapel) that make the rooms particularly Jewish and “special.”


Photo Feb 12, 5 54 58 PM

Our gallery of Jewish objects.

To put it all together, this week we invited children to add their own free hand drawings to our big maps on the wall–filling them with the different things they might find there.

Photo Feb 12, 5 52 26 PM

The סיפריה (sifriah; library), full of books.

The more we let the children go, the more deeply they thought. What started as “a Torah in the chapel,” led to “toys in בית ניצנים (biet nitzanim)” which led to “you find ME in בית ניצנים (biet nitzanim)” and a whole series of small drawings labeled with different friend’s names.

Photo Feb 12, 5 52 02 PM

One child’s first drawing was, “the lady that sits at her computer when we come inside!”

We encouraged each different detail the children added and they got more and more excited, often giggling as they thought of something new and obscure that they’ve seen in our building!

Photo Feb 11, 2 16 54 PM

Our most active drawers, busy at work.

We can’t wait to see what else they notice.

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