Shorashim Makes Our Own Items from the Beit Knesset

Shorashim had a wonderful week creating more items from the Beit Knesset!

Photo Feb 09, 11 01 35 AM


We finished our רימונים (rimonim – the decorative coverings on the Torah scroll handles).

Photo Feb 09, 9 47 01 AM


We made ידיים (yadayim – hands/pointers to read the Torah).

Photo Feb 09, 9 54 04 AM


We found some shiny jewels to add to our כתר (keter – crown).  It had sparkles and “diamonds,” making it look, in the words of our Shorashim friends, fit for a king and/or princess, which made it perfect for the Torah!

Photo Feb 09, 10 47 36 AM


We built a בימה (bima – elevated platform in front of ark) .  We talked about the בימה (bima – elevated platform in front of ark) not being any kind of stage, but a special place for people to read from the Torah that allows for other people to see and hear them better.

Photo Feb 10, 3 27 24 PM


We got a chance to take out the Torah in Beit Shorashim and talked about the אותיות (otiyot – letters) being fancier.  We even found the אותיות (otiyot – letters) in our שמות (shemot – names)!

Photo Feb 10, 5 09 34 PM


We got to take a look at the Torah in the sanctuary and used the יד (yad – hand/pointer) that our Shorashim friends made to read!



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