Anafim full steam ahead!


Two weeks ago, Anafim started a new Hebrew book with new vocabulary. In the past two weeks the children have been flying through the books! This week the children began using puppets to read Hebrew with their friends.

Photo Feb 09, 9 56 10 AM


Photo Feb 10, 3 29 36 PM

Photo Feb 09, 9 32 30 AMThere is so Much enthusiasm in the room! The children enter, read a Hebrew message with the schedule and rush over to their puppets and Hebrew books, hoping to check more challenges off their list! They continue to use the vocabulary they are reading in fun worksheets and to create comics and other pictures.Photo Feb 10, 2 59 13 PMPhoto Feb 10, 3 18 50 PMPhoto Feb 09, 9 59 24 AMAmazing Hebrew learning is certainly happening in Anafim!

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