Alef Bet in Shalom Chaverim

What does it look like for an under three year old to learn about the alef bet?


For the past few weeks, the children in Shalom Chaverim have been doing just that– building an understanding of alef bet. Mostly, this looks like playing.

As we notice our shemot (Hebrew names), as we notice the letters in the Torah in synagogue, or in pictures of Torah, or in all of the other places we find Hebrew letters (stampers, magnets, cookie cutters….) we are beginning to understand that these characters form words and carry meaning and are important to us as Jews.


This week, children were particularly captivated by play dough and alef bet stampers.


As children press down the stampers and marvel at the imprint of the letter left behind, they are also able to engage with the adults around them in conversation about the letters. Children are building a foundational understanding and exposure to the names and sounds of all the Hebrew letters.


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