Our Matzah Covers Get More Color

This week in yetzirah we’ve been busy adding more and more color to our matzah covers.


First the Anafimers generously and creatively illustrated the six items we traditionally see on a seder plate during פסח (Pesach). They were then made into stamps.



Our matzah covers were tie-dyed with natural ingredients… so why couldn’t we paint with natural colors?! Blackberries made a purple/blue hue, a turmeric-paste made a perfect golden yellow and surprisingly that orangish bowl you see below turns green! IMG_5923

But we weren’t done there! Each child chose to stamp a word: פסח (Pesach) or מצה (matzah). And some chose both!!!


We can’t wait to see your seder tables come פסח (Pesach) time and how awesome your child’s bright matzah cover will look! (Don’t worry… We’ll remind you to take pictures and send them in!)





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