Keeping the Torah Special in Shorashim

This week Shorashim explored the question: how do we keep the Torah special?  We found many answers.  One student noted, “We don’t use our hands to read from the Torah so it won’t break.  We use a יד (yad – hand/pointer used for reading the Torah)!”  Another Shorashimer pointed out that we keep the Torah in the ארון קודש (aron kodesh – holy ark/Torah ark) so it won’t fall or break.

Photo Feb 02, 9 36 59 AM


There was collective agreement from everyone about the decorative gold and jewels to make it look beautiful and special.

photo 3


Upon closer inspection of the Torah in our room, we noticed that it was missing all of the decorative gold pieces our Shorashim friends were so fascinated by on our tour of the Beit Knesset, such as the רימונים (rimonim – the decorative coverings on the Torah scroll handles) seen in the pictures below.

Photo Feb 03, 5 00 18 PM (1)


We decided to make our Torah more special by creating our own.  We started with a חושן (choshen – decorative breastplate/shield over the Torah) with silver foil and pictures we made ourselves.

Photo Feb 02, 10 58 43 AM


We started to make רימונים (rimonim – the decorative coverings on the Torah scroll handles), and many friends insisted on making “bells” like the ones on the רימונים (rimonim – the decorative coverings on the Torah scroll handles) in the atrium and in many of the pictures we have in Beit Shorashim.

Photo Feb 03, 5 12 12 PM (1)


There were dicussions of friends preferring plain silver to multi-colored, so we compromised and made some of both to reflect what each Shorashimer felt was special.

Photo Feb 04, 3 22 49 PM


One friend noted that the most beautiful shape to him was a semi-circle, while others preferred flowers, so we included both in our design plan.

Photo Feb 04, 3 59 23 PM


It is becoming clear that the Torah in Beit Shorashim is very special to us as we create some traditional Beit Knesset objects with our original designs; allowing us to really understand why we use these objects are important in the Beit Knesset.

Photo Feb 04, 4 09 45 PM


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