Nitzanim Explores the Beit Knesset!

This week in Beit Nitzanim, we’ve been exploring the בית הכנסת (Beit Keneset).  We have a map of the building we’ve been using to color-code our maps to help us decide which rooms are  בית מדרש (Beit Midrash, for study), or green; בית כנסת (Beit Kenesset, for gathering) or blue; or  בית תפילה (Beit Tefilah, for prayer), or red.




We had a conversation about what color the ספרייה (sifriah – library) should be!

Boy 1:  It’s learning, so we should turn it ירוק (yarok – green).

Girl 1:  In between ירוק and אדום (adom – red) because you’re learning here, but there are also prayer books.  You might learn here with friends, so it’s also כחול (kahol – blue).

Boy 2:  Yeah!  Because you hang out here.  You pray out here from the books and you learn from the books!

HeYzaNMqDe4WnAcpVluaNLrz2zghb70_yhkkzLkOdGkWe’re excited to keep exploring our בית הכנסת environment with Nitzanim!

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