Beit Knesset in Shalom Chaverim

The children in Shalom Chaverim had the chance to visit a real Beit Knesset this week!


The windows were a favorite for many children, but we also spent time searching for lots of other objects…

and just exploring the space.



There was a lot of interest in the rimonim in particular. “Bells!” Exclaimed one boy proudly, “there’s bells on there!”

Back in the classroom, we had the opportunity to explore some real rimonim with our finger and hands, our ears and our eyes.



We also explored photos of many different kinds of rimonim– we noticed bells and birds and lots of different shapes dangling from them.


We wrapped up our morning together by creating a paper rendition of rimonim on our own. The shapes we created were just as unique as the real rimonim we explored!

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