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The Anafim (2nd – 3rd grade) welcome board read, in part: היום מורה הנדה בישראל (Hayom Morah Hinda b’Yisrael.) – Today Morah Hinda is in Israel.

And the rest of the board was in Hebrew, and children read it!

They were ready. Anafimers know a lot of Hebrew, which they’ve learned simply by being here at the Jewish Enrichment Center. (It’s not magic, though! The Education Team works hard to construct a natural learning environment so children can learn Hebrew easily.)

Part of our vocabulary bank has been based on a curriculum called Hebrew Through Movement. Children learn words by hearing them and using their bodies to respond to the command. For instance, this week in Anafim, Rabbi Rebecca asked everyone (in Hebrew) to stand up, jump in place, put their hands on their noses, and then sit down again. It’s silly and fun.

The whole curriculum was supposed to take four years, and we’re going to be finished in one year, just a few months from now. Oh, the pride on the children’s faces when I told them!

So while Morah Hinda was in Israel, we tested out a new Hebrew reading book to find out if it’s a “just right” book for us. It is! What excitement! What a great challenge! Anafimers love a good challenge.


Reading from our new book together.


Working on a worksheet from our new Hebrew book.


Playing Bingo with our new reading words.

Plus, we’re still using all of our regular techniques to learn new vocabulary. One of this week’s favorites was a relay race with our new vocabulary. The best part was that once children read a word, their brain told them they already knew that word! Our new Hebrew book mostly uses words children already know from hearing them spoken at the Jewish Enrichment Center.




Reading relay race!


Completed relay race board.

Putting the words of verses from Pirkei Avot (book from the early rabbis) in order.
Putting the words of verses from Pirkei Avot (book from the early rabbis) in order.


Communal challenge in Hebrew.



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