Shorashim Investigates Items in the Beit Knesset

As part of our new Beit Knesset theme, we had a brand new addition to our room: an ארון קודש (aron kodesh – holy ark/Torah ark)!  Many Shorashimers knew without us even opening it that there was a Torah in there!

photo 3


We were all fascinated by the Torah and made some observations about the coverings on the Torah.  Shorashimers knew the Torah was special, and many speculated that it was kept hidden away so that it wouldn’t break.

photo 5


We continued our Beit Knesset investigation down in the sanctuary: the space on our tour that the children were most excited about last week.  Each child was given his/her own clipboard and encouraged to draw a picture of what he/she found to be the most interesting part of the space.

Photo Jan 26, 10 51 49 AM


We have so many interests in Shorashim ranging from the crown on the Torah…

photo 4

Photo Jan 26, 11 01 43 AM


…to the stained glass window…

photo 2

Photo Jan 26, 11 01 56 AM


…to the יד (yad – hand/pointer used to read the Torah)!

Photo Jan 26, 11 02 15 AM


We can’t wait to investigate these items and spaces further in the coming weeks!

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