New Responsibilities in Beit Nitzanim

Nitzanim have grown a lot this year!

Photo Jan 26, 9 47 00 AM

Leading לוח [luach; calendar] during פגישה [pegisha; meeting]

When they came back from break, they were met with a whole slew of new responsibilities added to their daily jobs, and they’ve totally risen to the occasion!

Our most remarkable addition is a brand new job added to פגישה (pegisha; [our daily] meeting): אות יומי (ot yomi) – Letter of the Day!

The child in charge of  אות יומי (ot yomi; letter of the day) does 3 things to prepare for פגישה (pegisha; [our daily] meeting):

1. Write the letter in their BEST handwriting. (Sometimes they practice a bit before they get it right)

Photo Jan 19, 9 35 41 AM

2. Build the letter out of rocks.

3. Hunt for 2 words in our room that already have the letter.

Photo Jan 27, 3 18 33 PM

Today our letter was ג, and our friend found the words גפן [gafen, vine]–which is on the wall on our list of ברכות [brachot, blessings]and סגול [sagol, purple].


This new job is so exciting, some children have expanded their responsibilites!

This child built a GIANT ג out of all the other letters on the chalk board.

Photo Jan 29, 4 43 24 PM

This one spent his זמן חקירה [zeman chakirah; choice time] finding every ד on the board! He found 8. Photo Jan 27, 3 17 54 PM (1)

We even had two children spend their choice time on word hunts for last week’s letters–א and ב–writing them down on the lined paper we keep in פינת עברית [pinat ivrit; hebrew corner]!

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