Through the Jewish Year in 20 Minutes

Monday’s Special Day was about the TASTES of the Jewish year. We had a fabulous day preparing for our Jewish Year in 20 MInutes celebration. It was a little odd to taste matzah right now, but everyone was thrilled to eat the תפוחים ודבש (tapuchim u’devash – apples and honey)!



Painting tziv’ei stav (fall colors) to make leaf garlands for the holiday of Sukkot


Preparing Sephardi charoset for Pesach (Passover). These boys loved tasting and adding ingredients until it tasted the way they wanted it to.

Taking a break to play in the snow.

Taking a break to play in the snow.



How high can we throw a snowball onto the tree?


Mask for Purim.



Hamantashen for Purim, Sephardi charoset for Pesach, and round challah for Rosh Hashanah.


Cheese burekas for Shavuot.


Making perach (flower) bracelets for Shavuot.


Some of us put our perach (flower) bracelets in our hair!

Photo Jan 20, 3 28 56 PM

Explaining the special Pesach (Passover) foods. We’re dressed up for the holidays!


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