Shorashim Explores The Beit Knesset

Shorashim got off to an exciting start with our new theme:  בית כנסת (Beit Knesset – House of Gathering)!  We began by taking a tour of the Beit Knesset.  We went to many different spaces within the building including the atrium, the sanctuary, the gym, and other classrooms!  We were most fascinated by some of the relics in the atrium.  There was a Torah, some very shiny jewels, and even some jingly bells!  One Shorashimer explained, “This is where the Torah lives.  The [jewels and bells] live with it.”

Photo Jan 19, 10 50 20 AM


Some Shorashimers were entranced by the stained glass windows in the sanctuary.  One Shorashimer exclaimed, “There are rocks that light up!”  When  asked why they thought the windows were there, another friend suggested, “Maybe to make things beautiful.”

Photo Jan 19, 10 54 19 AM


But even with new content being introduced, the aleph bet practice is always relevant!  We had some of our old favorites: puzzles to help us practice putting them in order…



…and magnets we can use to spell out our שמות (shemot – names).



We even brought in some new explorations that have become fast favorites!  We dug for אותיות (otiyot – letters) in our rice table…



….and matched them with a larger version of the אות (oat – letter).

Photo Jan 21, 3 18 56 PM


Some friends found the אותיות (otiyot – letters) in their שמות (shemot – names)!



We also worked hard to write out and decorate some essential words and phrases for our new theme!  We can’t wait to find out what we’ll be using them for!

Photo Jan 19, 9 39 46 AM


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