Natural Dyeing & Revealing Our Matzah Covers

As you may have read, last week all of the children began the long-term project of naturally dyeing fabric with fruits, veggies, and spices. It was all very exciting, but the energy didn’t stop there!


There was a buzz around yetzirah… “Morah Na’omi, are [the jars] ready yet?!”   “Can I look at my jar?!”  “When can I see my fabric?!”

Children were really curious what was going on inside their little glass mason jars! As they examined their natural dye, they had some predictions and observations: “You know, fruit is really good at sticking to stuff, and water is good at sticking to stuff, and the vinegar smells but it helps, too! So then all of that stuff sticks to the fabric and that’s how it gets colored.”   “My cherries and blueberries are all mushed now!”    “My cabbage is white and my water is purple now! What happened?! How’d it do that!?” Excitement and wonder (just what we were going for)!




And then… it was finally time to open the jars…

One by one, the children opened their jars and dumped its contents into a strainer and bucket.



Take a look at how the fruit and veggies changed over time!



With eagerness, we rushed to a sink. Unwrapping our folded and tied fabric, A PATTERNED MATZAH COVER IS REVEALED!

IMG_5415 IMG_5416 IMG_5417 IMG_5419


Oh, how the colors were bright and sometimes unexpected and different than how we imaged a cherry might dye white fabric! And the children took it all in stride as we talked about how dyeing naturally is like an experiment, how you never know exactly how it’ll turn out, and how it’s pretty beautiful anyway!



Now, we will let our matzah covers dry. Their colors will continue to change slightly as the fabric and dye makes contact with the air- and so, our experiment continues.

IMG_5437IMG_5436 IMG_5434IMG_5439


Next: natural stamping. Yes…you read that right! We will stamp with all things natural, like paint made from cooked down berries and turmeric-water-paste. More discoveries are around the corner!


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  1. This is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am absolutely amazed by not only the process but the idea of so many steps for such a long term project! I’m sure the children will feel so rewarded and proud to use these matzah covers once peysakh rolls around. Great job Jewish Enrichment Center!

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