Getting to Know the Beit Knesset

This week Nitzanim began exploring the בית כנסת (Beit Knesset, Synagogue). We went on some exciting adventures to different rooms around our building to notice and draw what made them special.

Inside our own room, the children got a chance to explore and trace pictures of various objects found inside of בתי כנסת (Batei Keneset, synagogues) around the world:


This is a 19th Century Viennese כתר (Keter; Torah Crown) that we have a picture of on our table:

This is one child’s rendition of it, traced and then colored in the way he imagines it:

Photo Jan 22, 3 36 45 PM





This is a 19th Century German חושן (choshen, breastplate): 

Photo Jan 22, 5 58 54 PM

Some children are beginning to imagine their own rooms and objects. This child imagined a vibrant ארון הקודש (aron hakodesh; ark). He even added his own drawing to the pile of our pictures for other children to trace!

Photo Jan 22, 5 52 08 PM


This enthusiasm around different בתי כנסת (Batei Keneset, synagogues) and what they hold only makes us more excited to continue learning the names, uses, and vast variations among them. We can wait to see how their imaginative sketches progress throughout our new theme!

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