Natural Dyeing for Tu B’Shevat

It’s no secret that we’ve been pretty excited about the latest Jewish Holiday, Tu B’Shevat! We’ve been recycling, repurposing materials and inspiring others to do the same. This week we made something new but continued being mindful of Bal Tashchit (“do not waste”).
In yetzirah, a large and mind-blowing-ly-awesome project was launched this week! We are dyeing fabric naturally using the tzeva’em (colors) of fruits, veggies and plants; many of which follow the principles of Bal Tashchit (“do not waste”). For example, one afternoon the Shorashimers had oranges for kibbud (snack) and it was a perfect choice of fruit, since we normally don’t eat the peels and so those peels could be used to dye our fabric yellow/orange! Similarly, only the onion skins are used for dyeing and the edible part of the onions can be used for cooking! Even left over coffee grounds were used to make a beautiful tan color! Not only were these “dye products” reusable but they’re all natural, no chemicals- not even during the dyeing process!





Natural Dyeing Jars, day one


Natural Dyeing Jars, day two

Stay tuned for a blog post about the process, and of course one about the final product!

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